I received a phone call recently from someone asking me, “Why are you running for Trustee?” That’s a great question. It occurred to me that writing a short blog regularly might help to provide the voting community with a bit of information about me, my platform and what I hope to achieve in running for this position. Today I’ll start with “A Bit About Me” and I plan to talk about my areas of special interest like supporting SHSM programming, special needs, voting rights for Catholic parents and more. I promise to keep them short! I hope you find them helpful. Oh – and I promise to answer the question about why I am running for Trustee too!


I’m a parent who took every available opportunity to get involved. With a background in education, a passionate love of literacy and having waited a long time and worked very hard to even have my two kids, I embraced the chance to become involved in their education, and in our community, as much as possible. My website has a full bio if you want to know all the details but lets just say I loved volunteering in the library and working with children in the All Star Reading Program. I love being involved in Parent Council and have, over the years, variously acted as the Chairperson, Secretary and Parish Rep. Celebrating our faith with the children, for both Communion and Confirmation was always a highlight! I enjoyed every field trip, school fundraiser and dance. Basically, I love all things education, all things school related and I love helping people.


While volunteering in schools I was able to see first hand how hard our Teachers work, what classrooms need in order to be fully functional, how our schools are able to mange budgets and utilize resources and I saw some of the great work our students are doing both in their schools and in their communities. I also saw opportunities for improvement and things that could be done differently. What I also learned over the years is just how much parents want to be heard. They want to be involved; they want to share their concerns, parents want a voice at the table and they want to help their children succeed. I want to be that person – the one that listens, that helps facilitate conversations, that shares valuable feedback from the community. I’d like to be a Trustee that makes a difference, by listening to the community and working together….one issue, one family, one school at a time.