As part of my ongoing efforts to share information, today I wanted to talk a little bit about supporting families who require access to special education resources.

My campaign platform is based around the idea of “Supporting Success in Education” and to be clear, for me, that means a system that supports the success of every child, in every school, whatever that success looks like.

Success will be different for each and every child, each and every day and some children might require a little more support along the way. Helping parents learn how to navigate the school system to obtain the supports their children need is very important to me and I feel is a critical part of the advocacy role that a Trustee must play. Advocating for, sourcing and accessing responsible funding to help children with special needs must always be on the agenda at the Board level and it’s a responsibility I am willing and able to embrace when elected.

Every child has the ability to be successful at school. Together with parents, teachers, administration, support staff and the team at the DPCDSB, I will commit to exploring opportunities to enhance the programming, staffing, and access to tools and resources that special needs children require for ongoing success at school.