It’s the last few days of the election process and I am reflecting on the journey I embarked on over 5 months ago when I signed nomination papers on May 4th, 2018 to run as your candidate for the position of Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board Trustee. With my family’s support, I made a commitment that day to Support Success in Education, committing myself to the families of our community and committing myself to be of service to you. Now I am asking you to be of service to me by making a choice on election day, a choice to vote for me. Make a choice for change, a choice for community advocacy and a choice that ensures your voice and your concerns WILL be heard at the Board table. For the first time in 15 years you will have two names to choose from when you head to the ballot box on Monday and I hope you will choose mine. Here’s why:

  • It has been a pleasure to meet with families, share their stories and hear the concerns of parents, teachers, parish representatives and community leaders, ensuring I am able to truly understand the concerns of the community. In some cases, I’ve already been able to help families find answers to their questions!
  • I committed to this campaign months ago, not the week before nominations closed. I want this job. I’m in it to serve you.
  • I’ve attended every debate, community meeting and “meet and greet” that School Board Trustees were invited to, not just one of them – all of them.
  • I’ve enjoyed meeting the families and Parish Priests of each of the Churches this ward includes. We have some wonderful churches and great church communities doing amazing work. While I have my home church that I attend regularly, (these past 20+ years) I would love to continue attending our various parish churches on a rotating basis to maintain close, regular contact with these lovely parish communities.
  • Every union, poverty advocacy group, community group or local family that reached out to me requesting that I complete a survey, answer an email question, provide a position paper on a topic or simply sought further clarification around my platform and position has received an answer from me by phone, email or both.
  • My website has been up and running for months and my social media accounts are active – each is full of information about my platform position and how I plan to support your children throughout their educational experience. I’m an open book on my background and on why I am the best candidate for this job. I provide, and will continue to provide, useful information on what’s coming up in education, what’s new at our Board and at your local school and about what changes are taking place in education at a provincial level. I have been blogging regularly to share my views and invite you to take a few minutes out of your busy day to find out more about me at
  • I’ve worked hard for your support, paid heed to all the campaign rules along the way (including those all important “where you can place a sign” rules!) and have maintained my integrity throughout. In a sometimes politically charged election, I’m confidant I offer representation based on our core Catholic values, a commitment to educational success and an opportunity for families to be heard.


You have a choice in this election. Supporting Success in Education – “whatever that success looks like for your child” is what I am committed to do. Enhancing and supporting special education, improving STEM programming while not forgetting about the Arts, building literacy programming, bringing apprenticeship and trades programs back to our schools and supporting mental health initiatives are just some of the areas I intend to focus on. But I’ve also heard from our community that French language instruction, bussing concerns, new schools being built and access to specialized education programming must be improved. Your concerns are my concerns. I remain firmly committed to the task of representing ALL of Dufferin Peel from Orangeville and Shelburne, Mono Mills and Grand Valley, to Bolton, each of our Caledon villages and hamlets and the busy neighbourhoods of Southfields and Valleywood.


As your Trustee I will have a big job across our entire region – but my most important job is “local” – it’s to listen to you and advocate for you. This year, for the first time in a very long time, you will have two names to choose from when you head to the ballot box. You have a choice and I hope you will choose me. Thank you from a grateful heart to each of you – and to my family and friends who have supported me throughout this journey.  God Bless.