Areas of Special Interest


I believe reading forms the foundation of learning. Reading opens the doors to just about everything else! I plan to explore opportunities to help schools build solid literacy programming.

STEM Programs:

Support for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – for all students but with a particular focus on creating equal opportunities for female students to explore STEM options in a safe environment is crucial.

Support for the Arts:

I firmly believe that programming in the arts including; music, art, drama class, theatre and dance MUST stay in our schools.

Special Education:

Supporting families as they learn how to navigate the system to obtain the supports their children need is important. Sourcing and accessing responsible funding should be on the agenda at all times at the Board level. Opportunities to enhance the programming, staffing, and access to tools and resources that special needs children require for success must all be fully explored.

Apprenticeship / SHSM programs:

As the owner of a Tool and Die shop we have experienced first hand how difficult it is to find employees with skilled trades experience. Not all students want to attend university. School Boards need to explore opportunities to bring back funding for programs that help all students uncover their passion, skilled trades included.