Are You Registered?

Several years ago, after my husband was denied the opportunity to vote for a Catholic School Trustee in our community, I reached out to officials at the Municipal level, the Board level and at the Archdiocese of Toronto to understand why. 

I was involved in email discussions that examined the voting rights of non-Catholic parents whose children are educated in the Catholic school system.

At present, only a registered Roman Catholic can vote for a Catholic school trustee, even where a signed separate school lease agreement is on file.

I would like to continue to have an open and frank discussion about the voting rights of both parents (or legal guardians/custodial parents) in families where only one is a baptized Catholic.

As long as children are attending a Catholic school, and tax assessments have been assigned accordingly, all eligible voters in that household should have the right to vote for a Trustee that represents the separate school system in which their child is being educated.

Here’s how to register as a Catholic school supporter.

Are you a Catholic school supporter? Are you properly registered as such?

Make sure your tax dollars are actively supporting Catholic Education by telling MPAC where you want your education tax dollars spent. Here are some important facts that you should know:

  • You do not have to have children in the system in order to support a particular school board or vote for its trustees. However – unless you designate otherwise, by default you will be listed as an English – PUBLIC school supporter.
  • To support a separate school board, a property owner or tenant must be Roman Catholic.
  • If only one of the registered joint owners of a property is Catholic – you must  sign a Separate School Lease Agreement that allows the Roman Catholic joint owner to designate the school support for the non-Roman Catholic household member. If this form is not signed, by default, MPAC will list you as an English – PUBLIC school supporter. These forms are available from your local Board office and many schools also keep copies of the form on hand at the school office. It is also called an “Application for Direction of School Support Form.” It’s an important document that helps ensure continued access to reliable and accurate sources of funding for your child(ren) or for your grandchildren’s education. Make sure you’re tax dollars are being spent where you want them to be – “Sign the School Support Lease Agreement” – to find out more, click here